The AngelFall Epic – Canto 7 – Arrival

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The AngelFall Epic

The dwarves of Rhûn were stoutly striking iron hard
Upon their anvils, bellows blowing, blows which jarred
The arms to twist and turn the metal in the fire –
Red hot – it obeyed the dwarven smith’s desire.
Unease tugged at the man-heart of Dundolin
High-manned he the watch-tower, and stood therein.
He scanned with eyes now weary from the ending watch
Relief was near. And looking round he saw a patch
Of scant autumnal colours wave their raggéd leaves
Upon the hills. Just so do lazy summer seas
Swell gently with the fluctuations of the tide.
And soon the wintry blasts will strike the mountainside
Throw snowy blankets deep around to put to sleep
The growths surrounding everywhere the dwarven keep.

Dundolin was the nephew-born to Unwin, King
Of Dwarvish folk in Rhûn. King Unwin sought to bring
Dundolin up as heir – for he had took no wife

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The AngelFall Epic – Canto 6 – Gateway

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The AngelFall Epic

Kip’s feet were standing ‘pon some massy stone
A circle floor – reclining ‘mongst the stars alone.
Upon the circle-floor, stood there a portal barred.
Its stone foundation hovered in the midst of stars
Like some strange moon. Upon this rock now stood the three –
Two stood before the entrance gazing fixedly.
The pegasus – the third – looked back along the road
The star-path where of late his faery hooves had trod.
The master watched the door. And Kip he watched the man.
And time stood still – unheeded here. After a span
Of heartbeats the man turned around to face the lad:
“You’re summoned here. To bring you thus we both were bad
To bring you. Now take courage. And with boldness fire
Each high resolve. Your portal waits. I will retire.”
Kip then asked the man his name. The man replied
“Uriel.” Uncommon name! Kip next…

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The AngelFall Epic – Canto 5 – Star Path

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The AngelFall Epic

Across the paths where angels stride, the flying horse
So surely made its way, and flying its set course
To some end-goal, some distant object out of sight
Its handsome coat gleamed luminescent milky-white.
Its riders twain: for Kip was in his teenage years
A fair young man, with courage far above his peers.
Kip, his master, and their horse flew far away.
And Kip looked into regions where the dark held sway.

Into the dark the lights from suns streamed far and near
Blazing as tiny pinpricks in a cloth of sere.
Revolving stately galaxies moved in some dance –
About a hidden axis – but appearing chance
Alone obeyed, the pattern masked. And planets leaped
Across the void in bounds upon the blackness deep.
Or on occasion, seemed to pause to stand and stare
Upon the master, horse and youth who travelled there.
They stared not fiercely, nor…

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The AngelFall Epic – Canto 4 – Death Riding

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The AngelFall Epic

With pounding wings, the death-knight steed
Propels them with unusual speed.
They track a scent, and rarely err
Their eyes aflame. Their strength bestirr’d.
Perched amain its sturdy back
The death-knight rides to the attack.
His sword is resting in its sheath
The scabbard hidden underneath
His windblown cloak, as black as night.
He spurs his steed on to the fight.

His helmet-slits look grim and fell
Like coals they blaze – they suit him well.
Pursue the trail, hunt like beasts
Eager to share the carrion feast.
Harbingers both of death and woe.
Soaring high they onward go.
On past the mountain cliffs he flies
High mounting into torpid skies.
Wings unfurling, speed renew
Unflagging still those iron thews.
Not even would the tempest dare
To balk them of their hunted-fare.

Death rides! The castle’s left behind.
Death rides! The next victim to find.
Unlucky mortal cursed to feel

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The AngelFall Epic – Canto 3 – Dark Tower Rising

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The AngelFall Epic

An agéd man clomb slowly up the mounting stair
While blackened clouds whipped round the sky like windblown hair.
‘Pon ancient shoulders was a frame that trudged away
Assailed by gusts that tugged and pulled the garment fray’d.
The man climbed slowly, slowly, up the elder stone
Whose staircase mounted up one side of mountain-lone
This granite rock whose hoary head in winter’s sleep
Scowled low and fey around the country long and deep
It cast its shadow round the land it stood upon
A mountain dark with secrets hid – of more anon.
Upon the topmost brow of rock a tower stood
A withered finger pointing up as though it would
Rip down the darkened clouds that often clothed it round
And dared the lightning bolt to strike it on the ground.

Still climbing, ever climbing, up the mountain steps
That circled round the mountain side he walking kept

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The AngelFall Epic – Canto 2 – Gone

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The AngelFall Epic

A silence blanketed that almost-empty home
A pair of footsteps mounted up the stairs alone
The father who intended to assist his son
To finish up the book-work earlier begun.
The father came and stood outside the bedroom door.
He knocked and called to Kip. No answer. Knocked once more.
He frowned. The door stood open – but he heard no sound.
He entered in. And carefully then looked around.
The window open. Empty desk – but no-one there.
Gazed he silent. Looked around with every care.
Upon the floor a paper-scrap – he read the scrawl.
Kip’s hand? He read – and gasped. One word writ – “AngelFall”.
No longer undecided, fast he crossed the room
To gaze into the night outside. The rising moon
Dispensed a calming light around the resting town
The father stood in reverie. A thoughtful frown
Considered long its fancies. Eyes looked into space

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The AngelFall Epic – Canto 1 – Earth Away

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The AngelFall Epic

With flowing hair and fleeting hooves the steed trod fast
The paths of air. Its rippling wings, descending past
The gates of heaven, dark’ning clouds illumined red
Like some volcano, smouldering alive and dread.
The wingéd steed cleaved through the air from whence unknown
To hover near a window-sill which gazed alone
From out the wall of this: some ordinary home.

This milky pearl, this moon-drop beam of snowy white
The pegasus with feathered wings exuding light
Of starshine from the worlds beyond, some outer race
‘Twixt stars and voids and meteors in distant space.
The sounds of chatt’ring pigeons stilled to see him there
Free-floating like a dragonfly upon the air.
He hovered free, his pinions firm. With light command
His rider stands upon his back to come to land
Upon the sill, outside the house, the rider trod
As though he were an apparition sent from God.

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