The AngelFall Epic – The Prophecy

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The AngelFall Epic

The One descending from the sky
Such deeds will do that all who hear
Will him acclaim. For he thereby
Shall break the bonds of olden fear:

To overthrow the fiend death-knight
Who spreads the terror of his might.

To break the grip of the accursed
And liberate the men of Erst.

Aid he must seek in dire need:
The Sage will help him to succeed.

The One who comes obeys this call:
And enters into AngelFall.

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The AngelFall Epic

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An original epic poem by antipodeanwriter!

In the AngelFall Epic, Kip enters AngelFall completely ignorant of its history and of its inhabitants. But Kip’s ignorance serves as no protection from the violent power-struggle ensuing between the armies of Agmar – the tyrannic Witch-King of Mulwraith – and those sworn to overthrow him.

Sheltered for a short time by the amiable King Unwin, Kip must quickly learn how to protect himself and his new friends: and discover why he has ended up in AngelFall in the first place.