Rubáiyát – Genetic Dreams Uno


Is Life an endless stream of DNA?
A smorgasbord that shades continually
From every kind of animal and plant
To make a handy genomes library?

To create a super-bug or super-plant
Add some more genes! What once was not extant
We’ll bring to life! Dragons or unicorns
Perhaps will our ecology supplant.

New plants created to grow GM food.
Or what about, is some more Gothic mood
New human venus-flytraps? Genetics
Can create good or bad: as people would.


Dark Moon

Dark Moon

What evil beings, specters full of dread –
What spirits, tortured souls of bodies dead –
What dark enigmas do the phantoms croon
As one beholds: the dark side of the moon?

Dark Moon – a thing of power from on high?
A heaven-sent envoy moving through the sky?
A door from other worlds where spirits force
An entrance: try to change our future’s course?

What mysteries, what secrets lurk unseen
Behind the beauties of this midnight queen?
What riddles might be read? What matters known
If to the Dark Moon’s surface we were shown?

Perhaps Dark Moons are neither good nor ill.
Perhaps the lure of their forbidden thrill
Enhances poignant beauty in the night
Entrancing all who glimpse the briefest sight.

Dark Moon – vile things of power and non-light?
Or agent serving Good and doing Right?
Who can the Dark Moon’s heart unveil and see
Who she doth serve? Thus remains mystery.

Mortal Immortality

Stone Angel

Each day I – an immortal – labour in this mortal flesh.
Immortal spirit. Mortal body. Whyfore am I thus?

Some teach: we must slough off the body as a snake its skin
Remaining as pure spirit to reach high felicity.
But if we do this: do we not become as spirits are?
Much less than human? Men without their soma are not men!

Some teach: we must indulge the body and ignore all else.
Eat and drink – we die tomorrow! But does this not make
Us bestial? Brutish? Merely animals living to die?
Abasing mental powers that for other uses given?

And so I am: a spirit plus a body equals me.
Not spirit only like the angels: these our servitors.
Not soma only like the beasts: these our subjects are.
The two commingled. Both created simultaneously.
The twain together being entwined for eternity.
Our mortal flesh becomes immortal on that Final Day.
Our spirits in another life exist: in life or death.

Being human is to be: a dual entity!

Dreams Remembered – Duo


A dream vaguely remembered stirs my mind
I try so earnestly to seek it out
It slips away. No trace of it I find
Except the merest outline round about.
Memories of a memory, perhaps?
Forgotten dreams sometimes will tease my thought
And dance like motes in sunlight through the gaps
Of inspiration – without being caught.
If all I have forgotten in a book
Might once be written: what a massive tome
It all would make! The volumes that it took
Would make a private library in my home!
Its golden pages: what splendid endeavour!
If possible to read it: what a treasure!

To an enemy persecutor

Hell Ticket

You’re happy persecuting me – in any way you can.
I guess you are the archetype of: depraved, wicked man.
When satan needed dirty work accomplished – and real soon:
You volunteered. You thought it fun to be the devil’s goon.

So hate me as you will. And curse me daily if you try.
My world will keep on spinning. And this is the reason why:
Alone – I am not lonely. In a crowd or by myself
In heaven all my treasure is: there all my precious wealth.
Perhaps you will despoil me. You might kill my body too.
My soul is safe with God. And when I’m dead: what can you do?
The devil will collect his fee, the day he comes for you.

Anti-Friends Uno

Behind the mask

We all have heard of anti-freeze. How about anti-friends?
This term, I think is excellent. It is a term that lends
Itself to many persons that one gets to meet in life
And shows the reason that such persons bring tremendous strife.

As anti-freeze prevents plain water freezing: anti-friends
Prevent true friendships forming. The analogy extends:
For anti-friends get inter-mixed – the false friends with the true –
To turn your “friendship circle” into – puddles mixed with goo.

So throw away the anti-freeze – and throw out anti-friends!
That leaves you with just – water. Which – if unobstructed – wends
From one friend’s heart into another’s: let us deeply drink!
Such anti anti-friends are worth their weight in gold I think.

King of the Dead

The Paths of the Dead – Duo

King of the Dead

The Dwimorberg was haunted many said
For there began the Pathways of the Dead
Under the mountain. One who those paths dare
Should be a Dúnedain, Isildur’s heir
Else never more again he wind would feel
Upon his face that the darkness would seal
In endless deep, dark ways till failing sight
Wraps him about in dreamless, endless night.

The Dead waited the day when Aragorn
Came to the Dwimorberg one frosty morn
Daring the paths where now no mortals trod.
His dauntless will both men and horses-shod
Followed even into the ways beneath
Hard mountain stones to darkness underneath.
Dark paths they walked to follow Elessar
Through night to day behind their guiding star
Unto the Stone of Erech. Here The Oath
Recalled the old Oathbreakers to keep troth
And fight against Sauron this time. They came
Behind their Dead King: ghosts of flickering flame
In darkness wrapped they rode onwards. And fear
Turned mortals mad whenever they draw near.

So did The Dead all pirates overthrew
Black mercenaries crazed with terror slew
Each other in their madness. To the sea
They run to fling themselves and ever flee
The Dead whose advance retakes Pelargir
And all the ships resting at anchor there.
Only the slaves chained to the oars remain
Unable even to flee – but these regain
New life and freedom by the terrors spread
By the destruction meted by The Dead.

The battle done. King Elessar proclaims
The Oath fulfilled, atoned the ancient shame,
Full absolution for them is confessed
The Dead may now attain eternal rest.
The Dead King forward comes. He bows. He breaks
His spear. Then turns around and slowly makes
Return to Dunharrow where now in peace
The Dead lie down to rest. From that time cease
All hauntings in the Dwimorberg.

The King
Summons his subjects – and they, hearkening
Board onto pirate galleys, lately sailed
Against Gondor until the King prevailed
And north to Minos Tirith sped their way.

Spoke Aragorn: “To be a King this day –
To overcome or die battling the wrong
To perform deeds acclaimed in glorious song –
Such is the toil of Kings this day, indeed!
To dare all dangers – into battle speed!”

What else concerns the Pathways of the dead
Has long been lost, or so the wise have said.