Rubaiyat – Existence Uno


What revelations mysterious and dark
Our wisest men have told: to them we hark
And listen to their fables. When they die
They carry with them thence their precious spark.

All forms of Life this world exhibits best:
From man to microbe is Creation Blessed
With overflowing Life that lives awhile
To sport and play: till Death calls all to Rest.

Life clothes herself with every shape and mold
Plants, trees, birds, fish, men, and others untold
She wears and discards every form in turn
As her Creator decreed from of old.

Our spirits dress themselves with mortal shape
Embodied flesh we fasten like a cape
Around our souls to walk upon the earth
Awhile. Until Death door’s opens escape.




Your heart is split. Your soul’s aflame. Indeed, you’ve had it tough.
But have you come so far to say that: enough is enough?

They turned their back on you. They played you false. You called their bluff.
But yet – but yet – have you decided: enough is enough?

Their spiteful malice cut you deep. Ingratitude is rough.
Then comes a day when we conclude that: enough is enough.

It is your call – it always was – how you handle this stuff.
You can ignore it. Play along. Or say: enough’s enough.

When you’ve resolved to see it through: be firm – then you won’t muff
What must be done. Though your heart bleeds. For: enough is enough.

Present Now

Time out of Mind

My life’s neither Past nor Future: I exist in the Present Now.
I don’t understand what Time’s nature is: what it is, why it is, or how.
All I know is the Past has transpired, and the Future has not yet come.
Only Now really is – in the realest sense. Only Present is truly home.

You can fantasize with vain dreamings: what Futures might yet still show
Or self-introspect yourself day by day about Pasts that have brought you low.
Neither Pasts nor Futures are real right now: Past is gone, Future’s yet to be.
Only Present existence contains our minds – if our eyes can but truly see.

I can live – and change – but the Present. That is challenge enough, I trow.
Living life to the full means the Present Time – means to live in the Present Now.


Facebook icon

Facebook I love. It has allure
Because each moment I am sure
I’ll get a ‘like’, ‘share’, or message
From friends upon my Facebook page.

Facebook gives social validation
To reassure me in my station
That my ‘friends’ all like me still
Online. At least I hope they will.

For who now wants to be alone
With their own thoughts? We all are prone
To escape thinking easily
By clicking on new things to see.

Facebook is my pleasant escape
External impacts that will shape
My real life in bad ways. So I flee:
Logon to Facebook instantly.

We social addicts love the thrill
Of instant feedback. So we will
Surf social networks seamlessly
Escaping dull reality.

Power Augments


Does power augment what already is there?
It does. The goodly traits within a man
Are raised for all to see. So too his share
Of bad or evil traits empowered can
Do harm never yet possible before.
If Hitler were a grocer, or a swain
Would have the earth been plunged into world war?
Never! But Hitler’s power does explain
How evil magnified – like his – inflicts
Foul miseries told by a myriad tears
His legacy deserves our interdicts.
Untrammeled power: worst of all ideas
For fallen man. Why augment flaws? Explain
That it would start a new world war. Again.

Up in Flames

heart in the fire

I have tired very quickly of your cruel, pathetic games.
It is clear what once was friendship you have thrown on the flames.
In a sense I cannot argue. For a friendship must take two
Who both want it. When one party disavows: what can one do?

You have reasons – I suppose. Although your reasons are not good:
You will make up your excuses. All this I have understood.
Just as far as I am able. Your false accusation blames
Me alone for your own actions: throwing friendship to the flames.

I have wondered: why did you appear for sometime as my friend?
Did you change you mind? Was it a game? Acting? Did you pretend?
Now you vilify my character. Curse me with unjust names.
I repudiate you utterly. Throw friendship to the flames!