Rubáiyát – Eugenics Duo


So mix your gametes. Splice your DNA.
Create your super-races which today
Seem like utopia. But they will still
Be chained to: Death. Disease. Bias. Decay.

“My children will have perfect genes! Whereby
They’ll have a perfect Life!” Insatiably
Fools clutch deluded hopes. Science cannot
Give paradise: no matter how they try.

“We must evolve!” So cries the bigot crowd
Infused with theories scientists avowed
Were true. Mere humans superseded by
New uber-men. Thus Hitler screamed aloud.


Asymmetric Friend

Statue Grieving

I wanted to be friends with you so much.
You were polite – just as you are to all.
We shook hands – there was nothing in that touch
To welcome me. Your face was just a wall
Of polite granite shutting the world out.
It was a shame. I’d believed, you and I
Might start a friendship those who heard about
Would envy. But you wouldn’t even try.
What could I do? – but slowly walk away
While you politely greeted next someone.
My face my feelings never did betray.
There’s nothing new under this worldly sun.
I had hoped – once – us twain could become friends.
You didn’t. So that’s how this story ends.

Opened my Eyes

opened eyes

Your concealed hate was a surprise.
But yet: it opened up my eyes.
I learnt how carefully some might
Keep hidden their malice and spite
To achieve their own hidden ends
Pretending – for a time – they’re friends.
And even family members family too
Conceal their enmity from view
If it advances their conceits
To cloak their true aims by deceits.

But only truth that can’t pretend
Can be kept up without an end.
Deception’s lessor, weaker power
Must be exposed sometime: one hour
Explodes duplicitous pretense
Exposing lies as pure nonsense.
Deceit – no matter how it tries
Cannot – at last – the Truth disguise.

That painful day, I became wise.
Your hate, exposed, opened my eyes.


Rubáiyát – Eugenics Uno


Will GM humans make us modified
To be like supermen? Because inside
We’ve tinkered to improve our bodies, brains?
And after uber-humans: what beside?

Will cybernetics too begin its sway
To give us powers mythical today:
To fly, to leap tall buildings, lift a train?
Is this pure fantasy? But who can say?

What if my body is made super-strong?
My mind enhanced to genius? Just how long
Will it take humankind to work it out
That supermen still don’t know Right from Wrong?


Valentine 2018

A Kiss Silhouette

Take from my lips, my love, this breath
Of love, which faithful unto death
Binds us together: as a ring
Which never ends, it revolving
In endless circles. Let this kiss
Communicate our marriage bliss.
We loved a time. And when we wed
We choose a married life till dead
God takes us home. My love – a kiss!
Foretaste of future life in this.


Not Angels

Angel Ministering Spirit

I would never be an angel: though they clearly see today
The truths I can’t imagine. But for them as clear as day.
For angels – though unfallen – they must minister to me:
A fallen, wayward, sinner: all this by divine decree.

An angel has no Christ rebirthing in his heart to give
Him sonship by adoption; and inheritance receive
Like us in Christ – the heavens and the earth newly remade.
The angels are God’s messengers. All this the scriptures sayed.

The angels – with no bodies – cannot warm up with the sun.
Nor smell the ripened fruit. Nor with strong muscles leap for fun.
And gourmet meals give no pleasure: they’ve no favourite food.
Yet I – though mortal – enjoy all these things: Christ taught I should.

So will my resurrected body only walk the remade Earth?
The resurrected Jesus rose to heaven: going forth
In body. So I might suppose my body too will be
Welcome through the universe; reflecting Christ’s glory.



Marvel Superheroes

I’d like to be a superhero. Me –
A man with super-strength. And who can fly.
Who’s bullet-proof. And able presently
To travel at light-speed across the sky.
To shine in glory like a sentinel
With all the power of a million suns.
To walk in heaven while laughing at hell.
To be well-liked and loved by everyone.
To pass through matter as through merely air.
To walk the paths of space – without a suit.
To comprehend the mysteries still there
That hide divine designs man can’t compute.
To see what angels see. Know what they know.
But then beyond the angels’ paths to go –
A son of God – to where bright futures show.