Gandalf’s Fall


Gandalf – why speak not when you fell
Into the deepest pits of hell
Down countless fathoms, miles deep
Among dark beasts that never sleep?
Where waters quench all fires hot
And nameless monsters lurk – long forgot –
Reside there since the world was made
Alone in sunless, airless shade.
Where, under earth, you grappled death
Hewing the balrog every breath
You remained in the cold and dark
Until it fled. What vital spark
Of life made you fix fast its heel
As up it went – no sense but feel
And touch remained! – ascending fast
The Endless Stair it reached at last
To burst out into open air
On Celebdil? How fought you there
Again until you cast it down
The balrog, wizard of renown?
Why is your fight unsung? Unseen
As though your toils had never been?

Say, Gandalf – when the mountain broke
Beneath the balrog dead, what spoke
You to the powers, to your kind?
What thoughts, what prayers went through your mind?
What hidden paths then did you walk?
Why of these mysteries won’t you talk?
How did your colour grey to white
Transform when you lay out of sight
All broken, powerless and spent
On Silvertine? What powers lent
You strength to come back from the dead?
Upon the eagle’s back you sped:
Sent back to us, new life regained,
But with so much still unexplained?

What wizards know, they secrets keep.
Some unwaked truths are best asleep.
Ride on White Rider – never rest
Until your toils with fruit is blessed
With victory over destroyed foe:
Then Gandalf shall be free to go
A condign reward he shall earn
And – at last – to the West return.

Rubaiyat – Death & Life Uno


The earth – comprised of fine, malleable clay
Greets cheerfully the rising of each day.
From such a sod did humankind receive
The Breath of Life, our ancient teachings say.

From clay: was man created and new-born
Arising from the pristine Eden’s lawn
To greet his Maker, having broken free
From that damp grasp – the earthy dust late-torn.

To dust and clay again must man descend
When at the last approaching his life’s end.
His very bones disintegrate and fall
To dusty motes. To this doth all life tend.

The Only Gold

Sunset Gold

The only gold I’ll ever know, the most gold that I’ll see
Are in the sunset clouds, I trow, that soar high above me.

This gold is safe enough I deem. No robber thieves it there.
No ladder’s made that’s tall enough to scale these walls of air!

Our gold – it looks so lovely. For it sparkles and it gleams.
And it is far more valuable than what at first it seems.

Such gold cannot buy bread. Nor clothes. Nor houses. Nor the sod.
It points to treasure greater still: it is the hand of God.

Soul to Soul

Take my hand

There was friendship in the world here once. When soul knit unto soul
As Johnathan’s to David knit. Two parts making one whole.
Have all such friendships disappeared? Do they exist today?
I wonder. And I doubt it much. It’s very rare, I say.

Perhaps each generation sees such friendship. Perhaps not.
I couldn’t guarantee it. It’s not been my earthly lot.
But perhaps somewhere, perhaps somewhen, such friendship might exist.
I hope so. It is in such things that heaven will consist.

Birthday Girl

Father & Daughter

My girl! It is your birthday! I am proud
To be your dad. Let’s share the news aloud
With all our friends! This is a special day!
I intercede that when in work or play
God will protect you from each evil thing
That means to harm you with some painful sting.
I’ll love you as I may. But God truly
A better Father is than I can be.
Let’s trust in Him! And then let us unfurl
A celebration for my growing girl.

Body Mind Soul Spirit – Spirit

Soul Eye

Mind, body, soul – my spirit’s none of those,
Yet like some glue it permeates the whole.
Or like a stream, from nether regions flows
It springs from out the deep parts of my soul.
All wisdom, understanding are its care.
Counsel and knowledge impregnate its all.
Fear of the Lord – if present – will be there.
If absent – then it’s mastered by the Fall.
So – body, mind, soul, spirit: one Being –
Much greater than adding each separate part.
Divinely made, if we have eyes for seeing
To comprehend how lives all get their start.
Myself – ergo cognito sum. One whole.
Born into Life outside of my control.
Praise Him who made me thus. Him I extol.

Body | Mind | Soul | Spirit