The AngelFall Epic – The Prophecy

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The AngelFall Epic

The One descending from the sky
Such deeds will do that all who hear
Will him acclaim. For he thereby
Shall break the bonds of olden fear:

To overthrow the fiend death-knight
Who spreads the terror of his might.

To break the grip of the accursed
And liberate the men of Erst.

Aid he must seek in dire need:
The Sage will help him to succeed.

The One who comes obeys this call:
And enters into AngelFall.

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The Prometheus Epic

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An original epic poem by antipodeanwriter!

The Prometheus Epic retells the story of Prometheus – a Titan exile who journeys among mankind: becoming their teacher, friend, and defender against the malicious whimsies of Olympian Zeus.

Zeus has little time or patience for Prometheus.

  • Was Prometheus not a staunch supporter of the TItans’ supremacy: a confederation only overthrown after years of brutal war?
  • Are not Prometheus’ own father and brothers still confined in chains within the deepest dungeons of Tartaros for their own part in the Titans’ rebellion?

But Zeus – for many years – tolerates Prometheus for the sake of his gift of second-sight: for by it Prometheus can foresee the future more clearly than any of the other Olympian gods. So the Titan is useful to Zeus – and retains his freedom: for a time.

But the day comes when Prometheus refuses Zeus’ demand to reveal a certain prophecy: vouchsafed to by virtue of his second-sight. Zeus’ patience with the recalcitrant Titan finally snaps: and Prometheus discovers what a terrible thing it is to anger the most powerful god on Olympus…


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