Baby Brother Dead

Music Note

Baby Brother Dead is an anti-abortion music track: released to commemorate the Federal US Roe vs Wade decision of 1972.

The track has a “rap feel”: and uses measured end-rhymed lyrics to create a series of short word-pictures to illustrate some of the issues surrounding abortion.

More specifically, the song asks:

  • what is the moral difference between killing a newborn, or killing an unborn baby? Or to put it another way:
  • why should murdering [someone born] be a felony, while murdering someone unborn is not? And
  • why should a mother’s “right to kill” always trump an unborn baby’s “right to live”?

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Psalm 119 מ (Mem)

Music Note

This music track reworks the text of the stanza of Psalm 119 beginning with the Hebrew letter מ or “Mem” (verses 97 to 104) into song: using GarageBand to mix the vocals and to add beats, synthesizer, and assorted sound effects.

This music project interweaves two-part vocal harmonies to add interest to the resulting music track: fitting the text to a tune that lends rhythm to the words.

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Prince of Persia (The Sands of Time) Themesong

Music Note

Having thoroughly enjoyed the movie soundtrack to the Prince of Persia – Sands of Time: I used GarageBand to author my own music project based upon the themesong-melody.

This music mix uses a combination of instruments to reproduce an “orchestral feel”. Garageband handled the task well: creating nice-sounding three-part or four-part harmonies with no difficulty: limited only by the composer’s imagination!

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