Failure isn’t final


Well failure isn’t final. Though it may give brutal shocks
With in-house course intensives and its own hard school of knocks.
For though the righteous fall – not once, but even seven times
They’ll rise again. And stumble on, to reach the goal betimes.

So lost your job? Got sacked? Or persecuted by your boss?
Work for another – or yourself. It’s bad – but no great loss.
Got backstabbed by a trusted colleague who was once your friend?
Well, burn the bridges. Such relationships were made to end.

Been disinherited by relatives who slandered you
By spreading far and wide some vile lies that were not true?
The money’s gone. And so’s the love they pretended to give.
So go and earn your fortune by yourself. You know: you’ll live.

Of course there’s pain and hurt-burn. And of course it isn’t fair.
It never is. What dodo thinks the world for you should care?
It doesn’t. And it can’t at all: its show of love is hollow.
So look beyond the world to find Someone worthwhile to follow.


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