Hand of God

Fate. Fate! Spinning wheel
Birthing souls for woe and weal.
Clotho spinning, wheeling, pulling lifetimes as small bits of string.
Weaving life-lines all together as she wishes. Hear her sing!
Crooning songs of: birthing, longing, loving, living a good life.
Spinning-wheel never empty. Birthing souls to face the knife.

Fate. Fate! Measured thread
Length of life before you’re dead!
Lachesis – she grimly measures out the length of string for man
Goddess of men’s destinies in that she gives length of lifespan.
Many years? Or fewer years? Well, it’s all one if you’re immortal.
But men’s fragile bodies dooms she: Death becomes their final portal.

Fate. Fate! Cut the string
End the life that was living.
Atropos – your deadly shears are sharp enough to pierce the heart
Let fly souls of men towards the stars as bodies they depart.
Where do spirits go? Do you Fates know? Nay – these three do not care.
Working blindly. Just like clockwork. Working as they must all fare.
For a higher power gave them being. For Him they work there.

Hand of God! Almighty! Great!
Who controls each act of Fate!


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