‘Twas Plato erst planned out the perfect state
(Slave-based, of course.) Where citizens perfect
Ordered their city chained to benign fate
While guardians oversaw that no neglect
Occurred. Where warriors’ force the state uphold
And reason reigned supreme. Or so we’re told.

The perfect citizen: every state’s dream!
Where states are gods whom every man must serve:
Not question. For their good, all are a team:
One mind, belief, opinion. Brain and nerve
Serve the state only and for it exist.
This belief down to our own day does persist.

The state is god. To rebel: evil crime.
So Plato thought: for if the state is good
Divergences are evil, and in time
Suborn all else. All thought-crime therefore should
Be caught, corrected, isolated. Cure
Or kill. By such means the state remains pure.

An agony of drear conformity!
A band of trumpets braying on one note:
Unvaryingly banal. The same reality
Replaying over. Boredom learned by rote.
Hell is the same existence eternally
Where heaven is keyed to individuality.