Go Save the World

Save the World

The socialism of today does cry
“Do something! Yea – do something”. Oh – must I?
“You must give something back!” they now demand.
Since when did such self-righteous snobs command?
I must admit it came as a surprise
The world wished good for me – or cared likewise.

The Church is just as aimless as the rest
Good works without the Gospel – who is blessed?
Good works are surely comforting and well
To help the body – while souls go to hell.

“Faith without works is dead.” the Scriptures say.
Do works without faith help aught anyway?
I think not. What to do? Who to obey?

“Do Something.” Anything? What shall I do?
Just pointless busy-work? That can’t be true.
To bear fruit, Jesus, I must follow You.


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