Talking to a Wall

Wall Face

Once we were close – my closest friend you were, that I recall.
Now I would get more response if I’m talking to a wall.

What happened? Did you just move on? You just ‘grew out’ of me?
No longer serve your interests? Well, perhaps that’s what I see.

So was our friendship a mistake of yours? Was it all fake?
I don’t believe it was phony. Nor was it a mistake.

You’ve changed. I just don’t get it – but you’ve changed. You’re cold as ice.
When I tried to revive old times –! I won’t attempt that twice.

You wear the face of my old friend – but inside you are changed.
You are a different person from my friend. You’re rearranged.
You share the name of my old friend. A name – but that is all.
But you’ve unfriended me. Perhaps I’ll go talk to a wall.


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