Rubáiyát – Eye for Eye


Does eye for eye render the whole world blind?
I think it does. Such revenge thus we find
Shall murder Life itself to vindicate
The passions fatal to all of mankind.

Revenge! Natural as breath inside the lung!
As natural as the cursing of the tongue!
Why do not blessings flow so readily?
Why must the end be as the deed begun?

So must I then suffer on needlessly
The many wrongs heaped up and laid on me?
Can’t I revenge myself by force, or word,
Expose the crime? Bring down the tyranny?

To God! Cry out! Your prayers are not in vain!
Though injustice fall like torrential rain
The Time will come all shall be repaid
And all evil will be a vanquished bane.

When God meets out His final punishment
And Death’s angel from heaven to earth is sent
To seek and punish every hidden fault:
Then those souls doomed to hell will loud lament.