Change the World

change the world

It was Monday. And I’d thought I’d change the world –
Why not? I have the chance! And so I thought
My actions would see Destiny unfurled
And changed for better by what deeds I’d wrought.
But come the night, I nothing seemed to change
For all my efforts. And I thought this strange.

Come Tuesday: time to change the world again!
One man can do it! Can’t he? ‘Course he can!
Or so I told myself. I can’t explain
My confidence. I even had a plan
Created out of nothing: to do Right.
I tried. And tried. Until day turned to night.

So day by day, and week by week I toiled
My Life away attempting to change Fate.
But God so willed that when I was embroiled
In doing good, whether early or late
I changed so little. Mostly, all I wrought
Was never such the Good that I had sought
But nothing really much at all. Nil. Naught.

“O God – do what you will.” These words I pray –
“Achieve whatever Thy Thyself deem Right.”
A divine peace suffused me from that day.
A rest profound enwraps me every night.
I now see that God acts to give man rest.
Perspicuous Truth: myself, I’d never guessed.
My efforts all for naught, as I’ve confessed.
Finding my rest in Him – this has me blessed.