Never Knew

Judgement Day

The Judgement Day approaches near. What havoc shall ensue
When Jesus speaks these fearful words: “And these – I never knew!”

“Lord! Lord!” they cry with minds disturbed. “We spoke and prophesied –
“In your own name!” Jesus returns: “Thou are not Justified.”

“Nay – Lord!” they pray with frightened lips. “We cast out demons too!”
Yet Jesus never once relents. “But thou – I never knew!”

“But – what about our miracles? We did these in Your Name!”
“So what?” comes back the stern rebuke. “Your motives are to blame!”

“What matters all the things you do – if hearts are filled with hate?
And pride? Self-justification? Fear of men? Ye reprobate!
The why is as important to Me as is what you do.
All works – without true faith in Me – are sin. All such – I never knew.”

And angels came to throw these shrieking humans to the fire.
O God – make pure my wayward heart: and cleanse every desire.


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