Pagan Church

fake smile

Dare you assault my ears with platitudes, like ‘Jesus saves’?
When your smiles are just as welcoming as freshly yawning graves?
Then I realise – but too late, alas – that I am in the lurch
Having walked inside the entrance of another pagan church.

For what we believe will impact all we say and all we do.
This is how we can discern others are false. Or if they’re true.
‘From the thought shall spring the deed.’ Bona fide theology!
Also ‘by your deeds, I know you.’ is godly doxology.

Your smiles never reach the distance to your gelid eyes.
Though your words at first sound warm – in actuality, they’re lies.
So I turn my back upon the pagan kirk some call ‘our mother’.
If I am one of your ‘family’ – why don’t you love a brother?
It’s because there are two masters. I serve God. You serve another.


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