The Sons of God

Lucifer Fell

The Sons of God present themselves before the Lord.
On certain days – today – shall come that One Abhorred.
The sentries see and snarl – while grasping their swords’ hilt
The Abhorred One sneers back – knowing that as he wilt
He has his leave to enter in and then go back.
Yet while he sneers he closely guards against attack.
The sentries there would strike him down if given word
But they withhold – for now. Undrawn is their sword.

The Sons of God there present stifle up a cry.
The Abhorred One is come! They draw aside. Whereby
His flaunted arrogance has made an aisle wide
For him alone. Approaching near, arms by his side
He comes disdainful, mocking, ‘fore a mighty throne.
And seems to ask himself: might this become his own?

“Where have you been?” the Most High God then thunders out.
The angel guards stand ready – they are all about.
The Abhorred One, with nonchalance and assumed air
Replies, “Oh – going hereabouts, and everywhere
Upon the earth. Just back and forth.” Then God Most High:
“My servant Job defeated you.” With anguished cry
And snarl the Abhorred One opens his mouth to scream
But cannot. By his side two angel guards whose gleam
Of armour flashes like starlight turn him around.
“You lost Satan.” This judgement is the only sound
And Satan cannot struggle: paralysed his will!
The massive angel guards impassive drag him still
Up to the Heaven’s Gates – and there they cast him down:
To Hell. In spiteful dark and bitter gloom to drown.


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