heart hammer

This broken, palpitating, grieving mass
Of flesh – what once was known as my heart
You killed. Betrayed. Abandoned. Undermined.
Despising its affection from the start.
Because you preferred to be idolised
And even worshipped as semi-divine.
I refused. Such worship belongs solely
To God – for I am His, and He is mine.
You puffed-up viper, pagan apostate
Who poured out spiteful, unforgiving rage.
You got your first blows in: all underhanded.
But Life moves on. I turned another page,
Opened another chapter of my Book
Of Life you shall not share nor have a part.
The warm regard of friendship you dissolved
In bitter acid from your hating heart.
I am refortified: stone walls surround
High turrets ever-manned to straight repel
Your every new deception and deceit
Which fraudulently you shall aspire to tell
To regain that which once you’d thrown away
Belatedly you think to win again.
More easily can steady Time reverse
Than memory erase such grievous stain.
Your untrustworthiness you’ve proved too well.
Friendships with such as you foreshadow hell.


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