The Glittering Plain

Vikings on Land

I’ve sailed cross leagues of stormy seas. I’ve battled the watery main.
Then I came to a land both vast and old – the land of the Glittering Plain.
It was good and bad. And wild. And tame. The adventures that I had!
There I fared afar and did mighty deeds – as the Norns of Fate me bad.
There I crossed the plains over many miles, while my heart was aching sore
For the girl I swore to marry – when she was snatched from our homeland shore.
And I swore by gods I would rescue her. For none other would I gain.
So it was that I came with a heavy heart to the land of the Glittering Plain.

And the sights I saw! And the creatures fierce! There I saw things dark and strange.
There were magic-wielders aplenty here. Many things without any names.
There was work to ply for my sword and axe. And I shed much blood and gore.
But my heart led on when the days was done – only fools live but for war.
My betrothed – where was she? So I journeyed on. Often asking on my way
Had they seen a sight of the girl I loved? But they only answered, ‘Nay’.
So the length of the Glittering Plains I walked. Then I sailed the whole world round
Till I held her close in mine own two arms – she’s no longer lost, but found!


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