The Nanny State

Speak Freely

The Nanny State is what I am. Providing love and care
For everyone I call my own: both here and everywhere.
For those who do not want to work: I feed and clothe and let
Them live upon my state-run charity. I give. They get.

Poverty is here unknown. But inequalities
Exist, and are an evil. Therefore, state monopolies
Of power and legislation must undo the damage done
And make sure everyone will get (before each election)
Flat screen TVs, and mobile phones, reduced utilities
Discounted clothes. And games. Free food. I’m only here to please.

You broke the law? Oh dear. We must be lenient of course.
It was your genes that made you do it. Who resists their force?
Or your upbringing harmed your understanding, my poor boy.
Our lenient sentence shall reward you. So: go free! Enjoy!

Of course you’re not responsible for every act you do
My citizens are victims all. And they can always sue.
They’re not held to account for actions which they might have done
Because their fate – their genes – their past – has trapped them. Every one.

From year to year I multiply the laws on which I feed
My red tape ties in knots this poor, insane, sick, human breed.
Those who try to dismantle me: they shall feel my full force
Of hate. I need more power – not less! Let State-hood take its course!

Thus year to year the Nanny State aggrandises itself
Reducing its dependents to a chronic state of health.
‘Tis right to fear the rising Nanny State of tyranny.
For when the State fears citizens: then we have liberty.


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