To an enemy deceiver


You sunk your sharpened knife in. Right up to the hilt. Into my back.

To say you surprised me is an understatement. But then: the unsuspecting betrayed will always be surprised by such well-executed treachery from such betrayers as you.

It would not have mattered so much to me – nor cut me so deeply – if you had been a mere acquaintance. But I accounted you a close friend – with good reason: you had given me many tokens of apparent friendship over time. What you counted as expediency I mistook for the genuine article. Now you have undeceived me.

Even Satan can appear like an angel of light: so too can a Judas pretend to be a friend. Yet everything you profess is just as false as you are: and as you have shown yourself to be.

God grant me the honest hate of an open foe any day: over the deceitful pretensions of a hypocritical and false friend like yourself!


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