Toronto Blessing

laugh and point

Here it comes! ‘Toronto Blessing’.
What is it? It keeps you guessing.
Is it truly God’s new touch?
A craze? A fad? Other some-such?
Perhaps it is a group-suggestion?
Hypnotism? Re-direction
Away from God back onto man?
‘Catch the fire if you can!’
Perhaps it is the devil’s lie?
This is how you’ll tell thereby:

When you see their bodies shaking
From false spirits’ undertaking;
When you hear unholy laughter –
Like a whirlwind spell disaster;
When they hop like kangaroos:
Is this from God or man? You choose.

Perceive their inane credulity,
Such foolish, fatuous lunacy!
Church masses – obtuse sheep – are led
To their destruction surely sped.
Led by false teachers who are blind,
Whose deceits dull the keenest mind.

Such self-absorptions quickly flee:
Leave them drown in stupidity.
The ‘blessing’ is a sham, truly.


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