The Gift

Gold + Frankincense + Myrrh

Three gifts they strew around the baby’s feet.
Three foreigners pay homage, meekly greet
The baby regally – as though a king
Newborn had come to earth. Did angels sing
His praises in the fields not long ago?
Who are these three wise men? How did they know?

The first displays his gold – a gift for kings.
The next frankincense reverently brings –
A holy, priestly gift. The third gives myrrh
To embalm bodies, or corpses inter.

With awe Joseph and Mary accept these
Three gifts. The alien men, like mysteries
Incarnate take their leave. As they depart
The meaning of the gifts strike Mary’s heart:
A Priest-King born to die! This is her boy!
He is The Gift for mankind to enjoy.
So she intuits truly, for she sees
God’s Hand out-working His Divine Decrees.