Fated – Duo

The 3 Fates

Nyx’s daughters – of the Night
Destiny or Fate are hight.
Watch them spin the fates of men
To cut him short: then start again.

Clotho – weaving men’s lifeline
Brings men’s being into Time.
Fated birth: to what shall be,
Manchild, your fated destiny?

Lachesis – by measuring rod
Measures lives to men and god.
Aids her sisters weave the string
Into threads for measuring.

Atropos – thy dreaded shears
Cut short lives: life disappears!
Life-threads fail: life ’tis no more
Atropos thus fulfills her chore.

Fates – dear sisters: what are we?
Unwitting call us Destiny.
What our loom, our shears, our rod
But only this: the hands of God?


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