Wherefore Sin?

Sin apple

Sin is nought – apparently. It’s never spoke about
Not in the church by those “inside”. And not by those without.
I find it strange – this “sin absence”. For didn’t Christ He say
That He was born – and came to die – to take men’s sins away?

But pleasant lies infect the church: sin therefore is denied
To make church-goers happy: and their sins enjoy with pride.
Yet my Jesus saw things differently: He spoke of sin and hell
Yet His words are disregarded, wicked consciences to quell.

Apparently there is no wrath of God poured out on high.
Apparently there is no sin in men from which to fly.
And therefore there’s no judgement. And so everybody’s saved.
And Jesus needed not the cross. This false gospel’s depraved.

Yet my Christ comes in Judgement: then He’ll throw down into hell
All false teachers and blasphemers. And deceivers there as well.
When all knees are forced to bow before His just and righteous throne
I just wonder who will yet be saved? Who will His blood atone?


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