Fated – Uno

DNA genome

The ancients worshiped Fate. But now us moderns, as it seems
Deny responsibility by worshiping our genes.

Being held accountable for what I did is wise.
But getting myself off the hook involves me telling lies.
Try this: “I was insane that day.” Terrific legal ploy.
Or this: “Mars entered Gemini.” The Zodiac decoy.
Or this: “They made me do it.” And we all see what this means:
It’s just as much to say: “It wasn’t me. It was my genes.”

You stole? It was a “thief genome” that made you houses burgle.
You killed? It was a “murder gene” that made their blood to gurgle.
You’re gay? It is a “gay gene” that has turned me out this way.
Delinquent? The “delinquent gene”. But what I need to say –
That while this is tremendous fun and gives us satisfaction:
It is a lie. For God holds us to account for our action.


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