Search Over

Feet up

I had searched the whole world over. So it seemed. But what headway?
I was looking for community. Where was it, anyway?
I’m a Christian. I’m a son of God. And I’ve been born again.
So where is my Christian family? Can somebody explain?

Well, apparently ‘regeneration’ makes some difference.
That’s according to the bible. And it makes a lot of sense:
Well, in theory. But in practice: you must throw away The Book
And experience what’s really there. Open your eyes – and look!

As I did. I looked for ‘fellowship’. I looked. And looked some more.
All I found was: ersatz, bogus, sham veneer. What I deplore.
But guile was much in evidence. Deceit. Slander. And hate.
Such churches are so much alike: equally reprobate!

I abandoned then my hopeless quest. Gave up my fruitless search.
For although there might be fellowship: it isn’t in the church.
I looked hard. Discovered – nothing. I put up my feet and sigh.
What with effort cannot be found will come to me by and by.
What I’ve striven years to find – I will enjoy after I die.


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