Falling Man

He didn’t know the terrorists would bomb his work that day.
He was focused on some typing on his computer display.
Then the jumbo hit the towers. And the floors go up in smoke.
And a shudder threw him to the floor. He starts to cough and choke.
Then: fresh air! A window’s broken. And the world comes into view:
A barbaric and a gruesome world he sees when he looks through.
For the twin towers are burning. Soon the building starts to crumble.
There is no escape by stairwell. A growing, threatening rumble
Shakes the building as the ceilings start to buckle more and more
While the cracks keep growing larger in the concrete of the floor.
There’s no exit. It’s all over. Death is certain by and by.
When he came to work that morning, he did not think he would die.

Are the imams the world over cursing those who did attack?
No. Their silence overwhelms us. Such hypocrisy is black.
When such Muslims kill us infidels – that’s Allah’s holy war.
They’re just following Mohammad. That’s what Islam has in store
For non-Muslims. As they showed us on that September eleven
What the Muslim faithful will do to win places in their heaven.

So what was his mind thinking after all was said and done?
Did his text his dear old mother? Call his daughter? Or his son?
Did he turn to dead philosophies? Or shout with wild despair?
Did he mumble “My God – help me..” in a calm – but desperate – prayer?
What we know is what he did next. As the girders swayed and bumped
He walked to the nearby window. Took a breath. And then – he jumped.


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