The Day the Music Died – Part 4

Music Died violin

As the hammer blows of Life rained on the anvil of my heart
I forgot about the joys due to the pain and growing smart.
I had started off by singing songs of rapture and of joy:
Now my singing is of: dirges, lamentations, threnody.

For I mourn the loss of innocence, of misplaced faith and trust
All demolished in the free-for-all of brutal cut-and-thrust
Living in a world now denizened by depraved, fallen man:
Once who were more like to angels: now who sin like devils can.

When Life’s hammer broke my heart and when my singing turned to stone
And I fell back on the strength of me – myself, once more, alone.
Well I cursed the death of friendship. First I mourned, and then I sighed
For the songs of joy departed on the day my music died.


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