The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Klopstock’s Messiah (in English Translation)

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The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Egestorff’s blank verse translation of Klopstock‘s Messiah. Written in German, The Messiah in effect continues the compelling narrative of Jesus’ life on earth begun by Milton in Paradise Regained: when Jesus the Christ became incarnate to preached the Good News – routing the powers of darkness whilst pursuing God’s plan to redeem the elect of mankind.

In The Messiah we pierce beyond the veils of mortal vision to witness at first hand: the combats between good and bad angels;  the delights of heaven, and the eternal torments of hell. As Satan continues his perpetual guerrilla war upon God and all His works, a clarion call of triumph resounds throughout every sphere of creation: the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has occurred which dooms to failure all Satan’s efforts.

  • What role do the Guardian angels play in safeguarding the elect?
  • Can angels die? Can angels repent? And how do they themselves view the death of the Son of God?

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