Priests in Hell

Well, thank God my search is over. I was weary. And the more
That I looked and looked I asked myself: what was I looking for?
I sought for true church-fellowship. I might have looked forever.
But I now know that there’s no such thing on this old world. No, never.

The church will love you for your cash. The church will steal your time
For nugatory busy-work. The church wants all that’s thine.
In self-defence: sound your retreat, and all relations sever.
For churches do you harm, not good. So don’t believe them. Never.

So never trust the church to lead, direct you, nor to guide.
Because the church was never (but in seeming) on your side.
The church is pimped by pastors, priests, and church-staff who are clever
To mulct your wallet. Fleece their flocks. But give a damn? No, never.


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