Party’s Over

Party Over

As for me – the party’s over. It seemed fun – a little while.
Till the facade slipped, and cracks appeared behind each tinsel smile.
I was pulled up short. Why had I come? What was I doing here?
With binge-drinkers all around me, the drunkards began to cheer.

I was repulsed, and embarrassed. All I felt for them was – shame.
If I stayed around such losers, I would soon be just the same.
I decided then and there to walk away and slam the door.
For my life is worth much more than passing out upon their floor.

Leave to others dreams of alcohol. These are parodies of men.
I have more important things to do to waste my time with them.
I’ve a future. And a purpose. And God’s Promise. And I see
I don’t need to drown in drink to escape from reality.


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