The Day the Music Died – Part 3

Music Died piano

I trusted you. You toyed with me.
The fact of your disloyalty
Never arose until the day
You made your Machiavellian play.
Your lies were good and guileful were.
Your greed for gain the stronger spur
Now proved: what cared you for a man
You could not fit into your plan?
The deceived and deceiver stood:
The latter painting black as good.
For white as black, and black as white
Your mouth spewed out in cunning spite.
You played your cards and played them well.
You timed your last betrayal well.
And when it did, it’s not your fault!
Your varnished lies the truth insult:
Your ends all justify your means.
You never can do wrong, it seems:
Of course, from your own point of view.
Demon in human shape are you.

What is the cost of all your lies?
What broken wrecks at last grow wise
To all you do, and what you are?
Liar, con, and betrayer?
A smiling mask, pretending well
While covering designs of hell?
For when you tossed my Life aside
The music in my heart then died.
The joy I had in human race
Dissolved without a single trace.
Where brothers, sisters once close stood:
Were enemies and nothing good.
The flowers – stones. The skies to: brass.
Now smiles pierce like shards of glass.
No more light laughter, neither tears
My visage mars. All disappears.
My song has stopped. The music died
The day my heart changed deep inside.

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