Blood of the Martyrs – Duo

Christians drowning

The mother grasps her children with her hands.
Their helpless father – forced besides them – stands.
The Muslim refugees all Christians force
Over the side, continuing their course
To Italy. The Christians overboard
Are left to drown. For some time afterward
They swim in circles, slow, diminishing.
The Muslims, jeering, watch their slow sinking.
The children quickly tire. Their mother’s shrieks
Are lapped in silence. Now their father speaks
No more. Awhile, they desperate keep afloat:
An hour or two. They all perceived the boat
Left in the Muslim’s hands sail swiftly by
To leave behind themselves. To drown. To die.

By fellow immigrants, Christians betrayed:
Because the Muslims Mohammad obeyed –
To kill them without pity. By Allah!
Thus Muslims propagate their holy war.
For such reasons the innocent we see
Are left drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

Muslims are faithful to Allah’s commands:
The blood of Christians imbrues all their hands.
In Allah’s name such butchery is good:
To surprise and kill Christians in cold blood.
Muslims, unfitted for democracy
Sail on, to reach the shores of Italy
And demand refuge. Hypocritically.

The Christian passengers they left to drown
Float slowly on the waves. Slow, weighted down
By salty water: till at last, life ends.
To watery graves Islam more martyrs sends.
So Christians – killed by Muslims – each week die.
Because Islam must convert – or destroy.
Thus merciless Muslims murder without fail
As we will see again next time they sail.