Blood of the Martyrs – Primo

Christians ready for beheading

The orange-suited Christian now lies dead:
A bleeding corpse, minus its severed head.
Muslims today still follow their old creed –
Their sharpened knives will make the Christians bleed.
They proudly boast our deaths upon their sword.
What reason can’t we take them at their word?
As their Mohammad wrote in holy writ:
Slaughter all Christians who will not submit.

The centuries roll on. More Christians die
Martyred by Muslims: whose insane fury –
By demons stoked – continues burning higher.
So Christian martyrs through their trials of fire
Maintain their witness to Jesus alone
Where after death, triumphant, ‘fore His Throne
Of Judgement all their pain and all their fear
Is wiped away. Their sorrows, every tear
Removed. Their crowns of victory proclaim
They remained faithful to their Saviour’s Name.

But on earth Jihadists more Christians kill.
Pursuing Satan’s – and Mohammad’s – will.