Birthday Reflection 2016

The Sower

The seasons circle round another year.
And to my vague surprise – I still am here.
God left me on the earth and took me not.
He left me here for some reason – but what?
Are not my efforts feeble and so frail?
Of my attempts – a large proportion fail.
My victories are numbered but a few –
The good I wish to do I cannot do!
I suppose that with Life I did persevere.
But things oft went awry at times, I fear.

My hope is that my efforts God rewards –
Sown in futility. His Truth records
God’s fruitfulness: He took me, feeble man,
To weave into His own eternal plan
To accomplish ends that He alone foresaw
For great and mighty works that He made sure.
A tool in Yahweh’s hands – that tool am I.
And in the next Life I’ll know better why.