Ashes – Primo

Beauty in Ashes

All I’ve built has turned to ashes. All I’ve done before today
The fires of Life’s volcanoes has consumed and burnt away.
I had built a life to last. Or so I thought. But I was wrong.
I was blind-sided from left field – by enemies too strong.

I had built up some friendships. So I thought. Over the years
Who joined hand in hand with demons to destroy me, it appears.
I had some blood-relations – not too many, yet a few
Who bade me go to the devil. (They’d already joined his crew.)

What you build: others can crush. So take the joy you find today:
For tomorrow might discover: merely ruins round you lay.
Friends are fickle – live as though you hadn’t any. When you rise
And discover you still have friends left: enjoy the sweet surprise.

When tomorrow comes – your future is revealed. Will it be
Just a little pile of ashes fed with your own misery?
Will the things that you have builded still remain upon that day?
Nothing on earth’s eternal. That’s the truth of what I say.

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