Lone Range Christian

Lone Cowboy

I am a Lone Range Christian. Though at first
I sought some refuge from a world adverse.
I wondered: could I find it inside church?
So I embarked upon a careful search.

At first I looked to find true fellowship.
I found it not. The slanderer’s tongue-whip
And gossip ripped to pieces all those near.
True fellowship was a hopeless idea.

I looked for teaching. But just drivel found.
The pulpits spewed a noise of dreary sound
Of platitudes divorced from Holy Writ.
I would not listen to a word of it.

I looked for hope. But found only despair.
Just moral-eunuchs. Cowards whinging there
About: the world, their lives, and one another.
Each kirk I viewed was much like any other.
In every church I saw more of the same:
Large pagan crowds, tagged with the Christian name.

I walked away. With great relief I own
The Lone Range Christian journeys on – alone.


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