Additional Verses to Linkin Park’s Burn it Down


Up in flames it burns
The blaze it reaches the sky.
When the past one learns
Was built up upon a lie.

But you were there at the turn
Lit by the fire’s glow.
We were both watching it burn
And waiting to let them know –

What can we rebuild
When everything is torn down?
Once fire destroys
What next will rise from the ground?

Will you be there at the turn
When the whole truth you know?
As the fires still burn
Will you come with me where I go?

The cycle’s repeated
When each generation dies.
Received wisdom heated
To sift out truths from the lies.

But do you want to learn
Really why things are so?
As the cycle will turn
Do the whole truth you want to know?

All that you built up
We’re breaking back down
All that you built up
We’re burning down
We can’t wait to burn it to the ground.