I wonder: what are Sundays for? A day reserved for rest?
Or just another workaholic day to strive one’s best?

Perhaps the day is better suited to religious use?
The worship of the One True God. What pious could refuse?
To spend the day inside a church: exhorted and instructed
Badgered. Prayed-for. Fellowshipped. Sung songs, and then inducted.
Hectored to provide your cash to buy your way to heaven.
Preached at using opaque words that feel good – without reason.

I think from church God prefers to be absent each Sunday.
Why should He come? The church runs well without Him anyway.
I used to think – that just perhaps – the church belonged to Him.
One day it shall. For now it’s governed by each pastor’s whim.

With God so clearly absent from the churches of today
My Sundays I shall spend with Him: some goodly miles away
From any dull church building. That’s the best use of Sunday.


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