Broken – Fourth Movement

Broken - Statue falling apart

They broke me. Twas the little things at first.
The step-by-step betrayals are the worst.
You cannot see the end they’re leading to:
And falsehoods seem – at first – to be so true.
You get no traction with sham, ersatz friends.
Disintegration soon their pretense ends.
Community can never last for long:
The love of heinous gossip is too strong!
As slanders circulate: friends break apart
And walls of steel divide each heart from heart.
Hypocrisy soon plays its double game
Judging the blameless guilty. Public shame
Is wielded like a scimitar or sword
And mistrust simmers forever afterward.
Betrayal crowns the contest, as faux-friends
True colours show at last. Their play-act ends.
They turn their backs and walk. You’re left alone.

What is this nightmare? Is this life my own?
Are these disasters a reality?
Or will I waken from it all shortly?

You won’t. Iniquity has come to pass.
All once thought True turned out execrable farce.
The lies they spoke can never be unspoken.
Here lies the shell of me. I have been broken.


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