Poisoned Chalice

wineglass sunset

Friendship’s a poisoned chalice. Though it might
Taste like new wine when moistening the lip
At first: as surely as approaching night
Warm feelings soon turn cold, giving the slip
To happiness that’s striving to enfold
The two of you in much awaited bliss.
All words spoken become like tales twice-told.
Two minds came close to contact: but they miss.
Two hearts left groping, trying hard to touch:
Their every effort going far astray.
Perhaps we two attempted far too much?
Yet, did our attempts have to end this way?
We drank, imbibing friendship – so we thought –
But poison went to work on our inside.
While seeking friendship – yet withal we caught
Its self-destruction. Though in vain: we tried.
Friendship has drained away – like blighted wine.
You drained your poisoned chalice. I drained mine.


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