Broken – Third Movement

broken - falling apart

So what can break the strongest man?
Just little things. Betray his trust.
Trumpet his failings. Then you must
Go undermine him best you can.

Let slander do its vital task:
Spread widely truth well-mixed with lies.
Pretend to be his friend. Disguise
Your hate under a specious mask.

Continue to disseminate
Such falsehoods which all love to hear.
Bad news is preferred, never fear!
Discordant factions you’ll create.

Yet never help. Just stand nearby
And condescend to give counsel
And oceans of advice as well.
Do nothing. Simply watch him try

To stand up as increasing weight
Of criticism mixed with spite
Settles to crush him. It’s alright:
His fall is certain as is Fate.

He’ll crack. He’ll break apart. You’ll see
Him fight against all curses spoken.
His strength gives out, leaving him broken:
Slowly drown in misery.

When everything has gone your way:
You’ve destroyed one more son of men!
Ready to do the same again?
Choose the next victim for your prey…

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