Additional Verses to Tasmin Archer’s Sleeping Satellite

eagle moon

I blame you on the moonlit skies
For our dreams had died
On that moonlit night.
I blame you on the moonlit nights.
As I wonder why
Don’t the seas run dry?
Our dreams like eagles taking flight.

When trying to reach for the moon
Did we squander each chance
As the hope drained and died
Like the hearts dead inside
Unable to dance?
Back then we tried
But the end of our dreams
Mocking all what it means –
What’s left for the future?

I blame you under moonlit skies
For my heart has died
For the tears I cried.
I blame you on the moonlit nights
For I wonder why
Did I even try?
Those hopes have faded out of sight.

At the end of the road and alone.
By myself to atone
Striking out on a road
Shrugging off every load
To the unknown.
I wondered why?
On myself to rely
Kiss the past goodbye
Seek out a new adventure.