The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Oehlenschläger’s The Gods of the North (in English Translation)

The World's Best English Epic Poetry Banner

The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Oehlenschläger‘s The gods of the North. Written in Danish, this fantastic epic retells various adventures of the Norse gods sourced from the original Old Norse Eddas: the contests of Thor versus the giants, the mischief of Loki, the murder of Baldur, the prophecy of Ragnarök and the new age to follow the destruction of the Yggdrasil. Each separate story is woven into the overall narrative that depicts the Norse gods in all of the tragic grandeur: fearlessly facing down their own imminent demise, foreknowing that their end will birth a new and better world.

  • Thor is the greatest warrior of the Vala: but can he outdo the giants in a battle of wits?
  • Iduna is kidnapped from Valhalla: causing the ever-young Vala to age and lose their power. Has Iduna’s kidnapping circumvented the prophecies – condemning Asgard to a premature destruction before Ragnarök even begins?
  • Frey loves Gerda from afar: being able to scry Gerda from Valhalla via magical means. But Gerda is a Jetter or giant, while Frey is a Vala: their love is hopeless from the start. Or – is it possible for love to find a way?

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