Unthinkable – Uno

iron man down

Through grief. Through madness. Or through sorrow
Facing up to your tomorrow
Doing what’s undoable.
Thinking what was unthinkable.
They’ve pushed you far as they were able.
Your world’s: unhinged, swaying, unstable.
Now your back is to the wall
It’s sure you’re heading for a fall.
Nowhere to go. Nothing to lose.
Lie down. Or fight. You gotta choose.

Not many options. What to do?
You might take down some – one, or two.
Why not? It’s time to share the pain:
Or else they’ll come right back again.
And they’ll be back. Give a hard sting.
Better that you go down fighting.
You’d hoped you’d never see this day.
Sometimes life just works out this way.
Of all the fates you’d thought you’d pull
It’s time: think the unthinkable.


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