Kingsley’s Andromeda



Another great poetry must read includes Charles Kingsley‘s Andromeda.

Queen Cassiopeia’s vain boasting lays a curse upon her kingdom: whose shores begin to be ravaged by a vicious sea-beast dispatched by Poseidon. Auguries confirm that the expiation of Cassiopeia’s offence is only possible through the sacrifice of her own daughter – Andromeda – who is to be delivered up into the jaws of the sea-beast. Poseidon ignores Cassiopeia’s tardy repentance: and thus it is with tears that King Cepheus orders their daughter chained to a rock by the sea to await the sea-monster’s arrival.

But Cepheus’ and Cassiopeia’s prayers are heard: Perseus, returning from his latest adventures, discovers the helpless Andromeda as the sea-beast approaches.

  • Can even Perseus overcome the vicious sea-beast, sent by Poseidon himself?
  • Even if Perseus wins: what mischief will the remaining suitors for Andromeda’s hand raise against him?

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