Additional Verses to Kipling’s Recessional (Lest We Forget)


It seems as western worlds descend
Into their preferred anarchy
No longer does the west pretend
To worship God, nor call on Thee.
Canst Thou O Lord, have mercy yet?
The west forgot. They did forget.

No truth! Post-modernism reigns
With ‘feel-good, do-it’ slogans false
To bind clear-thinking in strong chains.
Old Christian truths the kirks repulse.
How long wilt Thou have mercy yet?
The Kirk forgot. They did forget.

Islam kills Christians by the score.
The church is mute: craven and cowed.
The kirk its dhimmitude frank wore
Islam – still unrebuked, unbowed
Proclaims the western sun has set.
The past, the truth – they did forget.

Perhaps a remnant will be found
To stand firm as their world fragments.
To forsake all, though sin abound.
As singly, one by one repents
On us, O Lord, have mercy yet.
For by Your Grace, some don’t forget.


  • Kipling’s original poem – The Recessional – was composed for Queen Victoria’s 1897 Diamond Jubilee.