The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Bonaparte’s Charlemagne (in English Translation)

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The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Bonaparte‘s Charlemagne or The Church Delivered. Written in French during the reign of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, this terrific narrative describes Charles the Great’s battles for supremacy: both in France and on the Italian peninsular.

Things are not going well for Charles. His Frankish empire is being threatened simultaneously by armies of: Saxons, Huns, Moors, and Lombards. Charles and his generals must fight a rapid series of back-to-back campaigns to suppress rebels, rout invaders, and bring treacherous allies to heel. Nor is success guaranteed: there are more than mortal powers afoot…

While Charles lets slip the dogs of war on earth, all heaven erupts in celestial clashes of spiritual antagonists: each side fighting furiously to uphold – or destroy – God’s chosen instrument from extending His kingdom on Earth.

  • Will the demons under Irmensul succeed in blinding Charles with the insidious deceits – giving the Saxons, Huns, and Lombards an overwhelming advantage on the battlefield?
  • How can the Frankish kingdom win battles on multiple fronts? Will their cries for divine aid be answered?

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