Roast Shepherd



“Lord! Lord! We shepherded your flock! Our tender hearts are true…”


“Who are you: false, conceited men? No-one I ever knew!”


“But Lord – we preached nice, honied words! So softly-sounding sweet…”


“You preached whatever words ensured your tenure you’d complete!
Just popular opinions. Half-truths sounding worldly wise.
But not The Truth! Not My Good News! My words you did despise!”


“But Lord – we laboured hard and long. So many works we did…”


“…To fleece My sheep! To hinder them – while keeping God’s Truth hid!
You forced My sheep to scatter among wolves as easy prey.
You made My sheep to stumble – your lies led many astray.”


“But Lord – don’t look so angry now! We helped – we helped indeed!”

“You persecuted My own sheep – the wounds you gave them bleed!
Just like your father: Satan! For his goats you surely are!
You’re not My sheep! Depart from Me! I know you not! Now far
Away from bliss eternal is your place. Go down this road!
My angels will force-march you to the fiery lake where stowed
Are devils for your company. Roast these false shepherds long
Along with Satan and his ilk! Hell’s where they all belong!”


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