Love & Hate – Second Movement

love & hate

Observe and see how often Love will spawn a twisted Hate
Where the object which once loved is made to wear a different face.
Thus humanity – it seems to me – is bound by iron Fate
To oft destroy what once it loved. O hapless human race!

Most commonly the hater hates. Rarely does lover love
In despite of all it suffers, never changing for the worse.
Such are saints – or human angels – drawing strength from Heaven above
To love those who are unlovely: who return their love with curse.

Hatred is by far more common. Love is thought but an Ideal:
One not ever to be realised on this fallen, vile earth.
But – I wonder. Is it true? I do not think so. For I feel
That if hatred is the sum of things: then Living has no worth.
Yet for Love to cast out Hate requires a spiritual rebirth.

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