Less is More

Less is More is Less

More and more. And more. And more!
So what is it I’m striving for?
Just more of: money? Cars? Or pride?
Then: why I am empty inside?
I’m getting myself more. More. More.
But why? Well, really, I’m not sure.

More friends. A better house. Career.
More family. More cars. The sheer
Unending pursuit after more:
Bigger! Brand new! Unending law
Of upgrades. Clothes. More holidays.
More salary. I do amaze
Myself. But inside I feel – poor.
How can this be when I’ve got more?

Are outer riches just the same
As inner wealth? What’s in a name?
If happiness wealth cannot buy
Why do I pursue more? Yes – why?
Old habit? Peer pressure? Or greed?
Or some deep-rooted inner need
To buy acceptance? Cover shame?
Force others to envy my name?
It never really works, does it?
Perhaps – this thought I shall posit:
More isn’t more. If so, confess
The fact that: truly more – is less.