Apostate Anglicans


Who wants a church that’s not a church? Which never talks of sins?
Warm welcome all! Just roll up to: Apostate Anglicans.

They explain away the bible as too inconvenient
When it says “Yes” they insert “No” to reverse what is meant.
Like jellyfish they float along with every social tide
Believing what the world believes. Makes them feel good inside!
They can’t offend some people – no! Their fear of man is strong.
A shame they have no fear of God. They want to get along.

They know not God nor Holy Ghost. And what of Jesus Christ?
He’s optional for Anglicans. ‘Good sense’ for most sufficed.
Are Anglicans one way to God? Of course – along with these:
Islam. Hindu. Buddhist. Mormons – and other heresies.

I wonder what on Judgement Day they’ll say? Or how abide?
Or will they call the mountaintops to cover them and hide?
They can’t pretend they’re Christians if they don’t follow their Head
To do what Jesus Christ did nor believe the words He said.


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